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Career orientation

What career path should I choose?

It is not easy, but very important to find your life’s work, because that affects whether you will be successful and happy or not. Unfortunately, very few schoolchildren know for sure what they want to do. Most of them have difficulties in choosing a career. The only way for them to know what they are interested in is to experience things relating to particular areas of work.

We offer you a high-quality training of a very interesting and useful profession in one of the best technical universities in Russia. We do not know the person for whom it would be excessive regardless of his future.

There are regular guided tours and open days where you can get acquainted closer with BMSTU and our department. In addition, there is the "Step into the future" program for schoolchildren who want to try themselves as an engineer. Welcome!

What are the benefits of engineering education?

No prizes for guessing that many graduates do not work in their major, but it does not mean that higher education was useless for them. High-quality higher education is not only professional knowledge, but first of all a personal development of the individual. Therefore, employers prefer to hire people with a high level of education, even if they do not have relevant training for intended job. Engineering education is one of the most advantageous in this respect. Professional Development is a difficult task, but it provides a lot of necessary practical skills and knowledge to become successful in any field: performance and effectiveness, the ability to review relevant literature and information, professional computer skills etc. And, of course, basic knowledge and understanding of mechanical engineering principles and technology is also a considerable advantage

Why "Piston Engines"?

Piston engine is one of the most common power sources in the world. They are used everywhere, from small tools and equipment to large ships, diesel locomotives, airplanes and diesel-electric power stations.

In addition, our department provides extensive engineering training, which allows the students work in other fields of industry as well.

Our students love their field. Annually from 2 to 5 graduates choose to pursue postgraduate education.


I have completed a Bachelor's degree from another university. Can I apply to do a master's degree at your university?

Yes, you can. We are always glad to welcome good students.

Can I get a Master's degree if my Bachelor's degree is in another field?

This is possible and we have experience in this matter. However, you should first consult with the staff of the department, please contact L.L. Myagkov.

Educational process.

Is it difficult to study? How many students are expelled every year?

We recruit around 40 students every year. After 6 years of education, 20-30 people are graduated. Thefiguresspeakforthemselves.

Is it possible for students to work alongside their studies?

In the first three years of education, it is almost impossible, on the 4th course - it is difficult. In the magistracy, it is possible to work part-time alongside their studies. However due to the rigorous demands of the program it affects the academic performance and health of students.

In fact, it is the most common reason for expulsion of senior students.

What is the lecturers' attitude towards working students?

It is fine as long as students combine work and studies not when they work instead of studying.

What do the students learn?

Our goal is to prepare design engineers and structural analysts. Therefore, BMSTU and the department will give the students necessary knowledge and skills in: engineering drawing (AutoCAD, KOMPAS) and 3D modeling (SolidWorks, Catia), programming, computer algebra systems (MathCAD), computer aided engineering (Ansys). And of course they will receive broad training in physics, mathematics, engineering and technologies.

Do women study at your department?

Yes they do, usually 1-2 per group, therefore they are always welcome here. Sometimes they enter postgraduate study and defend a Ph.D. thesis.

Where do your practical trainings take place?

Practical trainings take place at large Russian engine plants: «Kolomensky Zavod» (Kolomna), «KAMAZ» (Naberezhnye Chelny), «ZVEZDA» (Saint Petersburg), «Yaroslavl Motor Plant» (Yaroslavl).

Do you have foreign students?

We currently have students and postgraduates from China, Iran, Kazakhstan, Belarus and some other countries. Studies are carried out in Russian language with Russian students as well as on individual basis.


Will piston engines be still in-demand in 15 years?

It's black and white. Piston engines field of application is extremely wide and their performance is quite high.In the foreseeable future, piston engines do not plan to lose their competitiveness even in passenger cars, and not without reasons.

Other FAQs.

Do you offer bachelor's or specialist's degree program?

Currently, we offer bachelor's and master's degree programs as well as postgraduate program.

I am worried about admission examinations for the Master's Program. Whatiftherewillnotbeenoughplaces?

Only students with poor academic performance do not get into the Master's Program.

More details can be found on the official website or in our group on Vkontakte.

How can I come see it?

BMSTU hosts open days several times a year, including Cosmonautics Day on April 12. You can visit the department, talk with teachers and students, and see the training and laboratory facilities. Welcome.

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