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About our department and specialty

«Piston Engines» department is

  • quality engineering training program in the field of piston and combined internal combustion engines;
  • training in modern computer-aided design and engineering software (AutoCADCatiaAnsys etc.) and programming
  • two-stage training with 4-year Bachelor's and 2-year Master's degree programs; possibility of program changes after 4 years of education
  • post-graduate education
  • reserve-officer training program
  • student housing blocks conveniently located just a stone's throw away from the academic blocks and facilities
  • classes in laboratories and education centers
  • manufacturing internships at large Russian engine plants (KAMAZ, Kolomensky Zavod, YaMZ etc.)
  • summer international internships

Combined internal combustion engine is

  • one of the most common power sources in the world;
  • wide range of power outputs, from a few watts to hundreds kilowatts; highest thermal efficiency among heat engines
  • wide scope of application, including land, water and air vehicles, special-purpose equipment, electric power plants, small tools and equipment etc.;
  • 100+ years of scientific and engineering research
  • dozens of operating plants and design organizations throughout Russia
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